Monday, August 16, 2010

George's Service Diary: Sun. Jan. 17

Sun. Jan. 17 – Morning off, slept late. On duty about 11:30, and a call came for a special mission, escorting transports to Wau. Took almost three hours, and we sure had sore bottoms when we got back. Wau is within sight of Lae and Salamaua, and we were on pins and needles while we circled above Wau, waiting for the Transports to land, unload, and take off again. As we left for Wau, we heard over the radio that there were enemy planes near Milne Bay, and on our return we found out that a large flight of bombers, escorted by Zeros, hit Milne Bay, causing quite a lot of damage, principally to aircraft on the ground. Also a large fuel dump. Something smelled bad about the whole deal, because with a 30-min. warning, the fighters based
at Milne Bay only got 4 ships into the air on interception, and they made no contact at all. Probably we can expect bigger and better and more frequent raids from now on.

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