Tuesday, October 13, 2009

George's Service Diary: Mon. Jan. 4

Red flights have the morning off again, so we slept late. During the night there was a terrific storm of wind and rain, and we thought our tent was going to blow over, but it held up.  Makouski got up and let the flaps down, grumbling and groaning worse than an old woman. Went on the alert at noon, with a patrol scheduled for 3:15, but weather put a stop to it, and we were relieved at 5:00. In the evening, Capt. Allmon told us that American troops have Buna mission, and the case of the Japs in the Buna area is hopeless. Let’s hope he’s right. Rain has made the strips on the other side temporarily unserviceable. Played some poker in the evening and won.