Monday, April 19, 2010

Don "Porky" Morse

Don "Porky" Morse was a pilot in the 8th Fighter Squadron in the 49th Fighter Group. On August 23rd, 1942 Morse was awarded a single bomber kill while intercepting a bomber attack on Darwin. (Source: PROTECT & AVENGE: The 49th Figher Group In World War II)

St. Petersburg Times - November 18, 1942


George's Service Diary: Mon. Jan. 11

Mon. Jan. 11 – Another uneventful day. Had the morning off, slept till late, went on the alert at noon, with a mission scheduled for 3 o’clock. Got into our planes and had the motors started, ready to take off, when the call came that the mission was cancelled. So we went back to the shack on the hill, and sat around until 6:30, playing gin-rummy and reading. And it is a most uncomfortable shack. Just a hut built of poles, with a thatched roof, stuck way up on the side of a hill overlooking the runway. There are 4 or 5 canvas cots, and a couple of dirty old burlap hammocks. The enlisted men use it too, and make their coffee there. Package arrived from mother, containing puzzles, a harmonica, a pocket-knife, papers, a Reader’s Digest, candy, cards, and poker chips. A real nice present. Swapped my cigarette case to Morse for a tobacco pouch.