Saturday, August 14, 2010

George's Service Diary: Fri. Jan. 15

Fri. Jan. 15 – Morning off, but we got up to go down to the line and watch Gen. Whitehead award medals to several of the boys. The recipients were Maj. Sims, Silver Star; Rufus Jordan, Silver Star; Marlin R. Smith, Silver Star; Donald M. Morse, Silver Star, Purple Heart, and Oak Leaf Cluster; and Earl R. Kingsley, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster. Numerous cameras recorded the scene, mine among them. Had a mission in the afternoon, took off at 3:30; on the way over Porter had trouble, so I took over the flight as top cover. The flight was without incident except that King and I both thought we saw two midget subs west of Mangrove Island. About 11:30 P.M. there was a Red Alert. Moore and I were walking around listening to Joe and wondering why the AA didn’t open up on him, when suddenly we heard the 
bombs falling. We took off for a trench so fast we scarcely heard the explosion. They hit about half a mile from camp. The best part was when Mac got up to go out, and Moore ran into him, knocked him flat on his face, walked all over him, and left him lying there n the dirt. Coming out of a sound sleep, Mac was in a fog for about 10 minutes, and we laughed at him for an hour. Received nine letters from Betty, besides a telegram. Also two letters from my mother.

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