Wednesday, September 1, 2010

George's Service Diary: Mon. Jan. 25

Mon. Jan. 25 – Had my chance today. A patrol mission over Buna, and the same flight set-up, with me leading. Mayo dropped out and the Maj. And the Capt. Flew my wing. Or rather, they flew anywhere except on my wing. I had to look more to keep track of them than I did for enemy a/c. We cruised around at about 14000 until an unidentified a/c was reported. We took off after it and intercepted, finding it to be a B-17 on reconnaissance. Afternoon off. Loafed. Got my laundry back, the first clean clothes in about two weeks. Won about $18 from Moore in Gin Rummy. Another air-raid at night, the A-A spotted the planes when they were nearly out of range, and came as close as I’ve ever seen, just missed two direct hits. Appeared to damage at least one a/c.

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