Monday, September 6, 2010

George's Service Diary: Sat. Jan. 30

Sat. Jan. 30 – On in the morning. Supposed to go to Wau about 11:00. But Johns’ flight wanted to fly and needed missions, so Porter’s flight was relieved. The Wau mission is rough anyway. Afternoon off. A letter from Betty, giving me all kinds of devil for not writing regularly, for writing only one page, for using two stamps instead of one, and for not straightening out the details about going home. Had already written her a letter, asking for stamps, etc, but I tore it up and wrote a longer one, giving a lot of reasons for my laxity. Hope she understands. 45 should be ready to slow-time in the morning. Jordan and I took Wenige and Makowski in Bridge, and won by over 2000.

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