Wednesday, February 17, 2010

George's Service Diary: Fri. Jan. 8

On duty to take the place of the boys who were in it yesterday. Scheduled to fly at 10:00, but weather cancelled it. Afternoon off, but a dive-bombing mission to Lae came up. Weather also cancelled it. Porter, having had some dive-bombing experience, joined the other shift for the mission. Funny how tense every one becomes when such a mission comes up. They know they’ll go through with it, no one will back out, but most of them would be thankful for a legitimate excuse not to go. Probably they remember Dickey and others who have gone down. The old boys in the 8th, that is, the boys from Darwin, have a most discouraging way of talking which undoubtedly makes a poor impression on someone who doesn’t know them. And I know that some of our new additions from Hawaii think me a chicken hearted. But all they need is to see us 

take off on a scramble once. In a pinch, we’re always on hand. It’s just that we don’t like some one who puts on a big bold front, pretending he’s so damned eager, when we know very well he’s just as scared as ony one. And every one is scared, make no mistake about that. Take “Porky” Morse, for example. He has 2 Zeros and a bomber to his credit, but every time an actual combat or strike mission is planned, his stomach gives him trouble. No reflection on his character, just that his nerves get the best of him. It’s something no one can help, and no one can ignore it, either. That is the reason that a fellow with a nervous temperament is not suited for combat flying. 

I wanna go home!

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